How Much Do Impact Windows Cost?

They go by many names—impact windows, high impact windows, impact resistant windows, energy efficient windows. All these terms refer to a superior variety of windows that constitute an exceptional upgrade to the safety and savings within your home. Maybe you’ve heard about them and are considering making the investment. Let’s take a closer look at impact windows and impact window prices—what they are, what they offer, and what you can expect to pay.

Impact windows are more than just windows – they bring peace of mind and security to Floridian homeowners seeking better, year-round protection against hurricanes and other devastating forces of nature. The strength of impact windows means that they are strong enough to withstand such forces, eliminating the need to shutter or board up a home in the last minutes before disaster strikes.

While impact windows are undoubtedly a good idea, the price tag can seem high to many, making more affordable options like shutters seem a more attractive prospect. However, impact windows are an attractive investment since they increase a home’s value by tens of thousands of dollars without decreasing its curb appeal like other solutions – and, of course, there’s no running around like a maniac trying to install shutters just before the big one hits!

While impact windows are more costly, their effectiveness against storm damage, their ability to increase your house value, their potential for discount insurance rates mean that the original cost can be offset easily… and there’s no price that you can put on your peace of mind.

Impact Windows Are a Good Property Investment for Florida Homeowners

There’s no escaping that impact windows are costly – but with that cost comes security for your property. When hurricanes roll into town, windows are often the first part of a property to be damaged. Impact windows are built to resist hurricanes, which means no blow-outs and shattered glass. This is one investment into your home that will increase its value on the market; with new homes often featuring impact glass as standard, it’s also a smart upgrade that keeps your property value high.

So what exactly are they?

We’re fortunate that today’s engineering technology has brought us the kind of building features that allow properties to protect themselves and withstand even the harshest outside forces. Impact resistant doors and windows pair heavy-duty frames with a laminated glass and silicone glazing that’s specifically configured to prevent the glass from separating from its frame—rendering a superb level of durability and protection. This is achieved by bonding two panes of glass with a middle layer of polyvinyl butyral—a clear substance that’s indistinguishable from the glass itself.

Are they a luxury or necessity?

Impact Windows and doors are more than just talking-point accoutrements. Many people consider them to be structural essentials that fortify a building and make up a key part of optimized architecture. Neither wind-tossed debris or violent intruders can penetrate this layer of defense, making impact resistant windows a security feature as important as any camera or alarm system. No shattered glass and, most importantly, no home invaders making their way inside your property.

Additionally, because they seal out the elements more effectively than traditional glass, these windows are a benchmark development in energy efficiency, preserving the temperature within the property and keeping that too-hot or too-cold air decidedly on the outside. Not only does this mean added comfort during weeks and months of extreme weather—you also guarantee that valuable draperies, furniture, and artwork are not exposed to the temperatures, moisture, or UV rays that would cause them to fade or decay.

What is the ‘Energy Star’ designation?

In addition to asking how much energy efficient windows cost, when you’re shopping for these high-grade, long-lasting products, you will want to give special attention to those with an Energy Star label. This classification of windows has been vetted by a dedicated organization called the National Fenestration Rating Council. Their whole job is to make sure the products meet a standard of construction, design and durability that both protects residents of a property and ultimately cuts down on carbon emissions.

Another added benefit? Soundproofing!

If you’re like many people, your home is your sanctuary. It’s your way to temporarily step away from the rat race of the outerworld and enjoy a moment of repose. Impact resistant windows help you create that singular unadulterated space by blocking out significant levels of outside noise. With windows made from laminated glass, you’re getting a huge degree of soundproofing to cultivate that sense of peace.

To get technical, most windows demonstrate an average Standard Transmission Coefficient of 29 or less. This is the metric used to measure sound transmission. Storm impact windows on the other hand clock in at an STC between 32 and 35—a major difference if you’re aiming to lessen or eliminate street noise. 

You get superior hurricane protection…

Hurricane proof windows cost less than the repair expenses of a severe storm. Notably, once you’ve taken the leap and decided to outfit your home or business with solid, impact resistant windows and doors, you forever alleviate the need for flimsier screens and hurricane shutters that damage easily and burden you with additional maintenance hassles. In the absolute worst case scenario, a bad torrent may cause a crack in your glass—assuming it faced direct impact—but the interior layer is guaranteed to preserve the window or door as whole. The unit will stay intact.

… along with overall structural protection.

Of course it’s imperative to keep water from making its way inside to damage your home. But here’s the more salient advantage: studies have documented that severe home destruction is most often the result of a sudden change in pressure. This happens when windows and doors are blown out, and it’s the reason why walls and roofs are prone to collapse during a storm. With the right impact resistant windows, you’re actually protecting and insuring the structure of your entire home.

The best way to eliminate future repairs.

Because impact windows are close to indestructible as compared to their cheaper standard-grade counterparts, you save yourself from the normal wear-and-tear factor common to those options. You won’t see the cracks and knicks that come from windblown hail or pebbles. And when a particularly brutal storm comes your way, or that neighbor kid tosses a poorly-aimed baseball, you won’t be trekking to the store for a complete replacement. 

Impact Windows Offer Energy Efficiency – And Reduced Bills

If you’re a typical Florida resident, you probably keep your air conditioning all year long – and windows are one part of your structure where heat can enter. The thick and sturdy design of impact windows, combined with a custom-fit installation, means less leakage, saving up to thousands of dollars a year in reduced bills. The beautiful cold air stays indoors where you want it, keeping the muggy Florida heat out. As a bonus, impact windows also keep the sun’s harmful UV rays out, keeping you and your loved ones cool and healthy.

Impact Windows Offer Round-the-Clock Safety

Nobody wants to hear that a category 5 hurricane is on the warpath direct to their home – but with impact windows, you can relax a little more as these windows are designed to stand firm against monster hurricanes. This strength doesn’t just give you security against Mother Nature; impact windows also provide virtual impenetrability against break-ins by opportunistic home invaders. They can try as much as they like: these criminals won’t be getting in through a smashed window.

Impact Windows Can Offer Savings on Insurance and More

Clearly, impact windows increase the value of your home and protect it – but did you know that Florida homeowners are eligible for benefits when installing them, too? Many are entitled to government tax credits that reward energy efficiency. Insurance companies also offer reduced premiums for homes with increased protection against hurricane damage and home invasions. Together with savings on your electricity bills, impact windows add money to your wallet in the long run.

Impact Windows Can Reduce External Noise

Your home is a place of relaxation and rest, where the last thing you want to hear is the outside world and its endless noise pollution! The design of impact windows means they can help here, too, as they are graded for noise reduction using Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings. 50 STC is an excellent place to start, as it will block out typical street noise like street traffic and speech. Need more to deal with that infernal racket? STC ratings use a logarithmic scale similar to the Richter scale used for earthquakes – for every increase of 10 in an STC rating, the noise reduction increases by around 50%.

Impact Windows Can Protect the Structure of Your Home

When a hurricane rolls into town, it brings with it increased air pressure. It’s this drastic change in air pressure that causes some of the most vivid destruction in a hurricane, such as collapsing walls and roofs flying away. Since impact windows prevent leakage, they safeguard your home from this destructive change in the air, keeping your home standing where it may otherwise have collapsed completely.

How Much Do Impact Windows Cost?

You want to keep out hurricanes, you want to save money in the long run, and you want to do your part to protect the environment. So it is time to get a rough answer to the question “How Much Do Impact Windows Cost?” What’s the average cost of hurricane proof windows? Depending on your house size and specifications, you can expect your windows to run between $3,701 and $24,023—about $10,000 on average.

Ready to receive a quote?

Of course the above figures are just a ballpark range. Every homeowner can expect different pricing based on their own needs and the measurements. Contact for a more complete and accurate price quote. We’re eager to customize an offer on the most energy efficient windows that fit your individual setup.

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